Affordable Care Act Notices - Notice to Employees of Coverage Options

Starting October 1st, 2013, employers must notify all of their employees (whether they participate in health care or not) of the option to purchase health coverage through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Abacus Payroll Services has placed the Department of Labor's model notices here:

Model notice for employers that offer health plans | en español

Model notice for employers that do NOT offer health plans | en español

We advise our clients to print out the model that applies to them, fill in the employer portion, and give a copy to each of their employees. If you have any questions, please contact your customer service representative.


According to the Department of Labor, employers to which the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies must comply with the new mandate. In general, the FLSA applies to employers that employ one or more employees who are engaged in, or produce goods for, interstate commerce. For most firms, a test of $500,000 or more in annual dollar volume of business applies. More information can be found here. To determine whether the FLSA applies to your business, you can use this tool provided by the Department of Labor.

Please remember that all current employees must be given a copy of the notice by October 1st, 2013. Going forward, all new employees must be given a copy of the notice upon hire. Starting in 2014, the Department of Labor has mandated that new hires must be given a copy of the notice within 2 weeks of their start date.

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